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Introducing the new Healthstart Ceramic Juicers incorporating smart technology with an auto reverse smooth running motor and a world first easy to clean “cold”

Running at a gentle 75rpm the Ceramic Juicer does not harm precious enzymes in the juicing process.

No frictional heat + No oxidization = Living Juice!

Cold press juicing technology keeps getting better!

The Ceramic Juicer’s work very similar to the Compact and Oscar Juicers but have been built from the ground up using the highest quality BPA FREE materials. The Ceramic Juicer is the first single gear, slow speed - living juicer in the world to feature a multistage ceramic auger.

You can feel the quality in every component, it is in league of it’s own!

The Ceramic Juicers in action

To order one of these great juicers simply choose which model would suit you best, click on the Buy Now button next to that model and our secure shopping cart will take you through the ordering process. We will receive your order then dispatch your item asap.

Healthstart Ceramic Juicer    $299 Out of Stock

Healthstart Ceramic Pro+ Juicer   $399 Out of Stock

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


“The Ceramic Juicer is by far the best cold press/slow speed juicer we have ever used”

Healthstart Ceramic Pro Juicer
Juicing fruit & vegetables

Healthstart Ceramic Pro Juicer
Juicing front end disassembly

Healthstart Ceramic Pro Juicer
Quick Release locking system

Healthstart Ceramic Pro + juicer
Mincing front end disassembly

Healthstart Ceramic Pro Juicer
Quick Clean under 2 minutes

 Pete Evans making  nutritious Green Juice

 Pete Evans making Wheatgrass Juice

Pete Evans making  fresh Beetroot Juice

 Pete Evans making sumptuous Frozen Fruit Ice Cream

Pete Evans making healthy fruit and nut balls

Pete Evans making  delicious Hummus

Pete Evans making healthy LSA

(Linseed, Sunflower and Almond) meal

(white/black body)

(black/brushed s/s look body)

Ceramic & Ceramic Pro + Juicer

The Ceramic Pro + is a multi purpose juicer

BPA Free

Ceramic Augur

Large feeding chute

Auto reverse function

Excellent for
leafy greens

Juicing wheat grass has many health benefits

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Juicing for health is easy with a auger juicer or a slow speed ceramic juicer Slow speed augur juicers are easy to clean and easy to juice wheat grass

The Healthstart Ceramic Juicers come in two models:

The Healthstart Ceramic Juicer has a functional, easy to clean white/black  body. It comes with three cones for juicing, pureeing, frozen deserts and even nut butters. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

A must for serious juicing.

Dont pay $399     Pay only $299


Coarse Juicing

Standard Juicing

Ceramic Augur


The Ceramic Juicer & the Ceramic Pro+ Juicer


Healthstart Ceramic Juicer

The ceramic juicer is a cold press, low speed juicer

The Healthstart Ceramic Pro + Juicer has a stylish brushed stainless steel look. It does everything our standard Ceramic Juicer will, with the added feature of a mincing/sausage making attachment as well as components for making pasta.

Premium Mincing Attachment included

Dont pay $449     Pay only $399

Truly multi purpose

Healthstart Ceramic Pro+ Juicer

More Info & Videos

This method of extraction is called cold press, like other gear juicers it separates the juice from the pulp. The action crushes open the produce's cell membranes and releases its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also releases more phytonutrients from the produce, resulting in a richer coloured juice and richer in its nutrients and minerals, AND tastes great! You only have to drink from it once and you will never want to drink from a centrifugal juicer ever again!

The slow RPM ensures that it does not disrupt the cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables. This eliminates oxidation to the juice, therefore preserving the juice closest to its natural form.

Our new ultra smooth, automatic variable speed active smart drive system, will vary the required power draw from as little as 40 watts up to 170 watts as required. This feature makes the new Ceramic Juicer with it's high torque fan cooled motor and gearbox, one of the most energy efficient machines of it's kind available today.

The all new, world first, Multi Stage, 100% BPA free ceramic auger gently crushes and squeezes the produce extracting up to 60% or more of the vital nutrients and enzymes than conventional juicers. When you combine these features with the extra benefit of the ceramic auger's natural cooling, you will be extracting the highest yield of nutrient and enzyme rich living juice that can stay fresh for 48-72 hours when stored correctly in an airtight sealed container in the fridge.

Nut butters- Spreads

Nut butter is high in protein

Frozen deserts

You can make frozen deserts in the ceramic juicer, its easy

Dips - Salsas

Dips and salsa's are tasty and easy to make in a cold press juicer

Baby foods - Purees

Juice fruit

Apple juice is very tasty

Juice vegetables

Carrott juice from a cold press juicer is high in Beta-carotene

Juice wheatgrass

Wheat grass juice contains many beneficial properties

Ceramic Augur

Augur juicers are great for juicing fruit and vegetables and leafy greens


What sets the Ceramic Juicer apart from the rest?

Key Features:

- Lifetime Motor Warranty
- 5 Year Parts Warranty
- 100% BPA Free
- World First Ceramic Auger
- Auto Reverse Function
- Larger Feeding Chute
- Store Juice Up To 72 Hours
- Stronger Motor & Gearbox
- High Nutrient Extraction
- Fan Cooled Motor
- Quick Release Drum Lock
- Easy To Clean
- Removable Drip Tray


- Power Supply : 220-240v    50Hz
- Power Usage : 40-170w
- Speed : 75 rpm
- Box Weight : 5.68 Kg
- Box Dimensions : 397 x   245 x 309mm

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Ceramic Pro+ Juicer

Enlarge Juicer

Ceramic Juicer

Enlarge Juicer

Some words from our customers:

“Green juices are the best! Loving this juicer”

“Very happy with it and even the kids enjoy the juices made from it”

“Considering the price of some of the Cold Press juicers on the market this is superb value”

With over 10 years experience in selling cold press juicers we are not just another online middle man - Juicing Raw Team

Looking to boost your immune system, loose weight or totally transform your health?
Cold press juicing is a step in the right direction to a happier, healthier you.
Start your journey today!

Healthstart is a brand of cold press juicers

We would like to thank our good friend Barry Thomson for featuring us in his latest book Defeat Cancer - Like I did twice.
A great book full of useful info on battling cancer with juicing, eating the right foods and loads more. Thanks again Barry.

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